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SEo alphabet

Hey, there today at our digital marketing blogs we are going to discuss all SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Till now know about what is digital marketing basics, its methods, email marketing and its method.

From today we start a new topic about SEO.

Why do you think we do SEO?

To rank our site on search engine without paying any-one or growing organically.

SEO:- SEO is the way toward expanding the quality and amount of site traffic by expanding the visibility of a site or a website page to clients of web search engines.

Web optimization refers to the improvement of unpaid outcomes (known as “normal” or “natural” results), and prohibits direct traffic/guests and the buy of paid situation. Basically, SEO relates to internet searcher.

Search engine optimization may target various types of the hunt, including picture search, video search, scholastic pursuit, news search, and industry-explicit vertical web search tools.

Optimization of a site may include altering its content, including content, adjusting HTML, and related coding to both increment its relevance to explicit keywords and to remove obstructions to the ordering activity of search engines. Promoting a site to expand the number of backlinks, or inbound connections is another SEO strategy.

Basically, SEO is about the ranking of websites on keywords.

Keywords: As a general, keywords are described as the substance of a work of art or a record in various territories, for example, media, history and culture, or industry. Today, the term keywords are essentially utilized in digital marketing and SEO to describe a word or gathering of words that audience use when searching on web search engines, for example, Google.

Keywords are of three types:

  • Major: These are the keywords with high searches with high completion.
  • Middle: these are keywords with high in searches but low in completion.
  • Long-tail: these are the keywords with long words with no completion and no searches.

SEO are done on the first two of the keyword because the audience is searching them only the as long tail is not proffered by the audience for searches.

SEO has 2 factors :

  • On-page SEO: we do check our website errors according to the Google terms and condition. Find them to correct from the SEO point of view. It will help us to increase our website ranking.
  • Off-page SEO: we do the listing of our websites on other resources to collect or create backlinks for our websites it will help to increase ranking on search engines.

Google SandBox: It’s a place of google where it keeps our website for review for 1 year. It’s not confirmed by google that’s its there or not.


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